Managed Service secures infrastructure and provides visibility into application performance and continuity

Eranyacloud's Managed Service solution provides in-depth visibility into the performance and continuity of applications run by Danone.

Eranyacloud serves as a partner delivering top performance through the implementation of virtual machines in their environment. By relying on Eranyacloud’s high-performance infrastructure, Danone has a solid technological foundation to run their virtual machines with maximum efficiency. Thanks to our services, Danone can smoothly conduct their operations, optimize resource usage, and rapidly respond to business needs. Additionally, we manage and monitor their Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, a critical step in ensuring the integrity of the applications running within it. By adopting our offered Advanced Managed Service, we not only secure Danone’s infrastructure but also provide deep visibility into the performance and sustainability of Danone’s applications. This gives Danone the confidence to identify potential improvements, quickly address challenges, and continuously optimize their AWS environment. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert support, Eranyacloud is committed to assisting Danone in efficiently and securely conducting their operations.