Cloud Drive

Share Files in Real-Time with Cloud Drive

Experience the seamless convenience of real-time file sharing and collaboration by utilizing Cloud Drive

Get a high-capacity storage to store your business data

Community vs enterprise

Providing a variety of best solutions for large-scale storage needs.

Multi platform cloud drive

With seamless file synchronization capabilities across user devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, or access via any browser, you can enjoy optimal backup for all your devices.

Advanced security and compliance

You can protect your files from cyber attacks and security risks by leveraging Smart Data Leak Protection (DLP). With this technology, your data will remain safe and protected from threats.

DoS Protection

Provides integrated IPDS security system with real-time black hole list, DoS protection, and protection from the most common network attacks.

Workflow automation

Eranyacloud Enterprise Cloud Drive has workflow capabilities to classify critical document-based business processes using drag-and-drop functions.

Webedit integration

Preview and easily edit office documents directly in the web browser, or edit using your offline Microsoft Office copy.

Content management

Easily share data across your entire organization from one central location, enabling seamless internal and external information management.

Frequently asked questions

How many instances are created per customer?

Single Instance, but can be made redundant upon request. There is a price difference.

Can it be used as a backup for Office/Laptop/Computer assets?

Yes, local files can be synchronized with the cloud. So in the event of incidents like loss or device replacement, users only need to synchronize again.

Are there user limitations and quotas per user?

There are no user limitations, and quotas per user can be configured in the admin panel. It can be allocated from the total storage amount ordered.

I have Business process requirements.

Our platform supports workflow automation and can be set according to customer needs. Parameters can be configured with specific conditions.

If the platform provided is Tailor-made, will its infrastructure be guaranteed?

Our support team will maintain (manage services) the provided cloud drive infrastructure.

I want its login to be integrated with Active Directory, is it possible?

Yes, there are many integrations possible.

Can I see what integrations / additional features are available on this Platform?

You can view them at and add them via the Admin Panel.

Is there an SSL feature available?

As for SSL, it's not available in the basic version but can be implemented with the Managed Services team. It can be either SSL enterprise or free SSL like Letsencrypt.

What access method is provided for the cloud drive?

Basic access is via Public IP, but we recommend access via a domain. The customer will need to add DNS records in their DNS Manager.

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