Local Cloud Server Provider

The best solution to meet your IT infrastructure needs with the leading technology and services


Eranyacloud Compute provides a high-performance cloud for any workloads to help you create powerful cloud applications with lower latency. Eranyacloud Compute includes free bandwidth. We have worked with various organizations such as Ayoconnect, Gold’s Gym, and Telkomsat

Cloud Drive

Eranyacloud Cloud Drive is a file collaboration platform that enables organizations to securely share, sync, and backup files remotely internally and externally using any devices on the cloud

Web Application Firewall

Eranyacloud WAF is an enterprise-ready security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response and compliance

Backup Protect & Disasater Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery enhanced with essential endpoint protection capabilities and a security management toolkit for centralized administration and monitoring

Cloud Monitoring & support

Our Cloud Monitoring and Support helps customers to reach efficiency by reducing IT operational cost. Through this product, you can continuously improve your business strategy and let our team handle your IT infrastructure

Email Collaboration

A cloud computing environment dedicated solely for your organization. Providing similar benefits to public cloud services, such as scalability, virtualization and self-service capabilities, a private cloud has been designed exclusively for your private enterprise use