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Provides a flexible storage management system that can be scaled up or down. Costs can be further minimized when packaged with block or object storage solutions

Real-time backup and restore

Regular backups with seamless file recovery, our reserve solutions are unique, stable and ensure you never lose any precious data

Multiple authentication methods

Optimize safety and compliance with platforms with various authentication methods including SAML, 2FA, and QR code, say goodbye to the complicated password needs

Admin delegation

Minimize IT fees and maximize management with multi-rental extension functions, quickly delegate administrator rights and manage different tenants to avoid conflict

Active sync for mobile device and outlook

Synchronize the Eranyacloud Email Collaboration to your smartphone on iOS and Android devices, as well as Outlook for Windows and Windows Mail applications

Active protection & report

For protection, backup and recovery, forensic is available and is always active by default with report logs that are collected 24/7

Frequently asked questions

Has SSL been included on the ordered domain?

Yes, SSL and Antispam are included.

What is the pricing scheme calculation like?

Per Domain - Per user, and per Quota mailbox size. Divided into 3 packages: lite, standard, premium

Can it be used as an SMTP Relay for each account?

Yes, it can be used as an SMTP Relay.

Can its SMTP be used for Mail Broadcast/Mail Blast?

No, there is a limit of emails per user, up to 1k per day. If exceeded, it will be considered as abuse and spam.

I'm concerned about my domain being blacklisted as bad reputation?

IP Reputation is managed by our technical team. If there is abuse, it will be promptly mitigated to prevent emails from being marked as spam by other providers.

Can I store files with Cloud storage?

Yes, there is Cloud Drive, per quota mailbox.

Can I edit Office documents like Office365 allows?

Yes, there is an Online Collaborative editing feature, as well as versioning history.

If I'm using Gsuite or another provider, can it be migrated?

Yes, there is a managed services option that can perform migration and transfer of mailboxes.

Can it be accessed via Mobile devices?

Yes, it can be synchronized with mail clients on Android and iOS.

What is the implementation process?

After the purchase order, the eranyacloud team will configure settings and provision users. The customer will need to add DNS records as provided in the DNS Manager.

I want to have a Dedicated Email server, is it possible?

Yes, our managed services team can implement a dedicated Mail Server for the customer, using open-source or enterprise platforms.

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