Attach & Detach Volume to / from Instances

Attaching and detaching volumes to cloud instances or virtual machines (VMs) is an essential task for increasing storage capacity. This part is the continuation from Volume management where we start with creating a new Volume. Below is a guide on how to attach and detach volumes on a cloud instances:

Attaching New Volume

  • Login to ERANYACloud portal and navigate to newly created Instance > Volume:

  • From the Attach volume dropdown, choose the available volume and click on Save button.
  • Note: Volume should be the same region as Instance


  • Attached volume available on the Instance page and resources disk is increasing accordingly

Detaching a volume

  • Open the Instance page and navigate to Instance details > Volume. And click on the action menu on the right side of the listed volume

  • On the volume action menu click ‘Detach’. Confirmation pop up will be displayed on detached volume.

  • Status volume will be updated from ‘In Use’ to ‘Available’

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