Create Security Group

Creating additional custom security groups for instances in a cloud service is a fundamental practice in cloud computing that plays a vital role in ensuring the security and control of your resources. Security groups act as virtual firewalls, controlling inbound and outbound traffic to and from your cloud instances. By creating custom security groups, you gain the flexibility to define precise network access rules tailored to your specific application or workload requirements.

In Eranyacloud console, instances are launched with default security groups that provide basic network access controls. However, these default groups may not fully align with your security needs, especially in complex architectures where multiple services and applications interact. Hence, we give a freedom to end user to create their own custom security group..

Getting started

  • Start by login to Eranyacloud console and navigate to Networking > Security Group tab
  • Click on ‘+’ button to launch the creation wizard

  • Name your Security Group, compose a description and choose a data center region. Click on Save to create a new Security Group.

  • To edit and manage the newly created Security Group, click on it in the list
  • Create a new rule by clicking on the (+) Plus button under the Rules tab.

  • Under Direction, specify whether the rule should apply to inbound “Ingress” or outbound “Egress” traffic.
  • Under Protocol, choose the protocol. The values Any, TCP, UDP, and ICMP are available for selection. Depending on the choice, you have the possibility to set further parameters. For TCP and UDP, you can specify the “Start port” and “End port”, and for ICMP, the “Type” and “Code.
  • Click Create to add the rule to the Security Group.

  • To assign the newly created Security Group, including the rules you created, to an instance, navigate to Compute > Instances > Instance > Security Groups.

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