Creating a Router Interface

Routers in the context of cloud services are networking components that play a crucial role in directing traffic between different networks, subnets, or instances within a cloud environment. They facilitate the efficient flow of data between various segments of a cloud infrastructure, allowing for effective communication and resource utilization. Routers are responsible for making decisions about the best paths for data packets to travel, optimizing network traffic, and ensuring that data reaches its intended destination securely and reliably.

Before we start, make sure you have already created a Private Network to be attached to a router. You can refer to this document: Private Network.

Getting Started

  • Login using registered account (email & password)


  • Once the Networking module dashboard is opened, click on Routers tab and click on ‘+’ button to open the Routers creation wizard

  • On routers creation wizards choose the available region from the dropdown, give a meaningful router name and description and click on Save button.

  • Once the router created, open it and navigate to Router Interface.

  • Click on the ‘+’ button on the right pane or ‘+ Create’ button to open the Router Interface creation pop up. Choose from the dropdown the available Private network and click on Create.

Note: Router and Private Network need to be in the same region.


  • Private Network attached to a Router as per the image below:

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