Create Private Network

A private network is a secure and isolated network that allows communication and data exchange between resources and services within a restricted environment. It provides an additional layer of security and control over your data and applications by preventing unauthorized access from the public internet. Private Networks provide the following:

  • Enhanced Security: Private networks add an extra layer of security by isolating sensitive resources from the public internet
  • Better Performance: Private networks can provide low-latency and high-speed connections between resources within the network.
  • Compliance and Data Privacy: For organizations handling sensitive data, a private network ensures compliance with data protection regulations and enhances data privacy.
  • Resource Isolation: It allows for better resource isolation, reducing the risk of resource contention and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Cost Efficiency: Private networks can help reduce bandwidth costs when transferring data between cloud resources within the same cloud provider.

Default Networks

Each region comes with a Private Network by default. The default network is an auto-created Private Network with the following addressing scheme:

  • DCI Indonesia :
  • Faasri Datacenter :

Getting Started

Login to ERANYACloud portal and access to module Network

  • Click ‘+’ button to create Private Network

  • Adding new Network

User can fill in the following data:

  1. Name your Private Network and add a description.
  2. On CIDR, input the IP address allocation in the CIDR field for your Private Network (eg:
  3. On Gateway IP, specify the IP address that serves as an entrance to other networks, such as the internet (eg:
  4. On Allocation Pool Start, specify the IP address that will serve as the start of the DHCP allocation pool. (eg:
  5. On Allocation Pool End, specify the IP address that will serve as the end of the DHCP allocation pool. (eg:
  6. On Domain Name Servers, specify the IP addresses that will serve as the DNS for your Private Network. (eg:,
  7. On Region, choose a datacenter Region where your Private Network should be created and click on Save.

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