Create New Volume From Snapshot

In cloud computing, the ability to create new volumes from snapshots provides numerous advantages:

  1. Data Replication: You can easily duplicate data for backup, disaster recovery, or to create identical environments for development or testing purposes.
  2. Quick Recovery: Snapshots serve as recovery points for your data. If data is accidentally deleted or corrupted, you can create a new volume from a snapshot to restore it to a previous state.
  3. Scalability: When you need additional storage for an instance, you can create new volumes from snapshots, ensuring that they inherit the data and configurations of the original volume. This simplifies the process of scaling storage capacity.
  4. Data Preservation: Even if you terminate an instance, you can retain its data by creating a new volume from a snapshot before termination.

Getting started

  • Start by login to your account and navigate to the volume where you have a snapshot created. Click on action button of the snapshot.


  • Specifying the desired volume name and choose the available volume size from the dropdown. And click on Create.

  • Your newly created volume is available in the Volume main page.


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